1) Are professors allowed to assign assignments and/or quizzes before the drop deadline?

Yes they are allowed to do so. However, these submissions tend to count for a lower portion of the grade. These grades will not affect your transcript if you end up dropping the course before the University’s official deadline.

2) What’s the difference between DISC and DNE? How does this affect my transcript?

Once you discontinue a course after the drop deadline has occurred, a DISC notation will appear on your transcript. Students may feel the need to DISC a class for personal reasons, or if they feel that they cannot make up for a bad midterm mark. Please note that you are not refunded for your tuition for a discontinued class.

3) If I retake a course that I had previously done, how does it affect my GPA?

If you’re retaking a course, both grades will show up on your transcript. Although, only your most recent grade will be taken into account in your cumulative GPA. That means your original grade will still show up on your transcript, but will not be accounted for in your GPA. It’s also important to note that retaking a class will not give you any additional credits, but will be useful if you want to increase your GPA or need a specific grade to apply for a specific program.