1) If I add or drop a major or minor, does it appear on my transcript?

Our transcript does show our current Major and Minor. If you drop/add your major/minor it won't state "Dropped Minor/Major" but the minor of “HR” will simply be removed. In other words, the transcript will show at the beginning of the semester you were registered in a minor and then if next semester you are no longer registered, then only your major will appear. Keep in mind this is completely acceptable as it's expected and completely normal for students to change their major/minor several times throughout their University term.

2) How do I change my major/ minor? I am not sure which one I prefer.

Switching a major is super easy to do! We recommend you take a course first to see what you like in the major switch you are considering, to see if you’re truly interested in, and to get a feel of what you like. You could also take a look at the course sequence and the descriptions of each to see which each class is about, and then which interests you. You can also visit the various associations to ask specific questions, ex: JMAS for accounting and FISA for finance, and ask them more about the majors individually. The school usually doesn't let you switch until after your first year, so it allows first-year students to take the various classes first. In addition, you can always change majors as you go along. If you start off with one, you can always change to minor in one, double major, or anything that interests you!

To officially switch, you just need to go to the 4th floor undergraduate office and fill out a form. It is very easy to do and you could do it multiple times, should you need to. It takes a few days to process and will show up on your Student Centre portal. If you are a part of CO-OP, you can contact the program’s advisor and then they will assign you accordingly.