Should you ever be in need of a calculator at John Molson, you can borrow one from JMAC!

JMAC rents out scientific and/or financial calculators and I-Clickers to students who need them on a temporary basis. If you are interested in borrowing a calculator, visit us at our officeMB S1.447 or CASA’s Executive Secretary’s office MB 4.106. You will need to fill out a contract and follow the terms and conditions listed below. For any questions, please contact us at


Please note that all deposits and identification cards are returned to the student once the calculators have been brought back to JMAC or CASA’s Executive Secretary.

Texas Instruments BA II Plus

- Signed Contract
- $50 deposit

I-Clicker 2

- Signed contract
- $40 Deposit

Sharp Advanced

- Signed contract
- $20 deposit