1) If I am an undergraduate student at JMSB, what are the requirements to be eligible to study abroad?

- Be enrolled full-time
- Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
- Have completed a minimum of 24 credits
- Have met your program’s eligibility requirements

2) What are the steps required to apply to a given host institution?

Attend an info session hosted by the concordia student exchange program.
Complete the preliminary course selection form and get it approved by Ms. Amanda Holt on the 4th floor at JMSB.
Have 2 JMSB professors submit a CSEP recommendation form.
Write a personal statement as to why you should be chosen.
Apply online

This is a summarized plan of the things you need to do and is only here to provide you an idea of the tasks you need to accomplish. Please visit the following link for more details CLICK HERE