Elizaveta, Student 2016-2017

I would like to mention how much the JMAC mentorship program helped me become a better student. I could always receive support from my mentor, Olivia. She was always available to listen and to advise me. I was very happy to be part of the program. The Meet & Greet is always very well organized (with great sponsors). Everybody who is involved with JMAC is always very nice to me. It makes my time at John Molson an even greater experience. In few words, JMAC is organized (Meet&Greet), helpful (mentorship program).


Richard, Student 2016-2017

JMAC has help me throughout my student life in many ways. I was part of their Internal Case Competition. This full-day case competition was a great learning experience outside the classroom for business student. I learned to solve the problem in team by interacting with other students and improved my presentation skill in front of guest judges. The experience helped me to increase self-confidence in solving cases. JMAC’s Mentorship program helped me to better understand the undergraduate student life at JMSB. The mentor is always there to answer questions from the student’s perspective because he (she) once had similar experience. I would recommend JMAC to everyone who has just started their study at JMSB.


Eve, Student 2016-2017

JMAC is this little guilty pleasure I found during my first year. I didn't think that I would attend as many of their workshops as I did, or that I would use their services so much, but seriously it was worth it. The association is a real gem and its members are incredibly nice. They do everything they can in order to help you academically. I took advantage of their services, and it opened a door full of opportunities. I learned about trademarking, case-solving, and networking. But JMAC did more than providing academic resources. They made me feel more comfortable in this business environment that I didn't quite know, and they helped me better understand what JMSB is all about. So reach out to JMAC, I promise you won't regret it!